Monday, 22 January 2018

2018 goals

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible"
(Tony Robbins)

New Year goals are not something I usually do. This year, however, I have decided will be different and, by making and writing down specific aims, I am hoping that I will stay motivated to achieve them (or at the very least be able to have a laugh at the end of the year at everything I have not managed to accomplish!)

In 2018, I will:
  •            Read two books a month.
  •            Loose 1 and ½ stone.
  •            Exercise at least twice a week so that I can do 5000kms on my cross trainer (at the moment I can’t reach 700 without being horrendously out of breath!)
  •            Build an extension at home – if this is done, there will be space for two Christmas trees this year! Yay!
  •            Travel to at least three new places.
  •            Write or create something for my blog or channel every week.
Just reading this makes me excited to begin.

I have already started making detailed notes in my planner, setting out small steps for me to work towards achieving these. I’m planning on keeping these updated during the year, but right now I’m off now to email the architect about the extension.

2018, lets do this!

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