Monday, 5 November 2018

Extension progress

6 September 2018

"You've seen my descent. Now watch my rising"
So, essentially we are more than mid-way through our extension project. When we started our garden looked like this:        (please ignore the foot in the photo!)

And now it looks like this....

I don't want this post to sound like a lot of moaning, but this has definitely been much harder and more involved than we originally bargained. We have been working on it after finishing our main jobs...which is tough when we don't get home until after 6pm in the evening. Unfortunately, our house is terraced (and the neighbours either side both have little children) which means that we are having to finish work by 8pm at the latest to minimise any disturbances. This is not a huge time span and progress has been a little slow.

Last night we reached a bit of a low point. We had to replace the window in Harry's room and it took over two hours just to get the old window out, which meant that we had run out of time to do any work anyway. We then found that the new window doesn't fit no matter how much you try to shove it in and the brickwork on one side is not level. The floor of the extension, which had been carefully cleaned and ready for the top layer of latex, became daubed with mortar whilst trying to replace brickwork (incidentally splats of mortar also graced the lounge walls, the sides of the fish tank, the floor and up the stairs). In the space of one night, the plain carpet became patterned with new marks, the walls are look like we throw tea and coffee over them on a regular basis and a layer of dust is now coating the kitchen, bathroom and both bedrooms. It at least took us a good six months to wreck the garden!

We have left for the work today having just covered the hole in the side of the house with a piece of plastic and are currently praying that we will not have been burgled by the time we get home tonight.

Still to do this week, we have to fit the new window and all the roof trusses must be up and finished by Saturday, when a roofer is arriving to fit the tiles. I also have about 30 plastic edges to clean so they can go on the roof.

I cannot talk to my better half  about the mess because I think he will literally murder me. He is stomping around the house muttering "I am so tired" to anyone that stops for a minute in his earshot.
Because I cannot talk to anyone else about this, just posting this will be therapy.

Here’s to happier times....I’m off to pour a big gin...I'm sure it will all be fine.

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